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Unite offers an industry-leading range of screws, bolts/nuts, blind rivets – as well as a number of supplementary fastening components and accessories – for steel builders, constructional metalwork, ventilation contractors and manufacturing industry. A screw might be one of the building’s smallest components, but it certainly isn’t an insignificant detail.
Quality down to the minutest detail

Choosing the right screw, bolt, expander or rivet is not simply of decisive importance in meeting the quality requirements and standards set for the building or structure. It is also crucial for a smooth, ergonomic and economic installation. Constructional metalwork and steel construction have been Unite’s home turf for over 30 years. With Unite as your strong fastening partner, you receive support in product selection, delivery service and quality in a class of its own.

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Product selection guide

We give you 10 useful tips to help you to use the right fastener for the right job.To the guide

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See our catalogue for our wide range of products, choose between different kinds of fastener material, dimensions,
effective length and drilling capacity – all made in order to produce the right results.