Our Vision & Mission Statements

”We shall always be the customers obvious choice regarding fastening with a branch leading range and smart solutions for a sustainable and safe construction.”


  • High Quality
  • Knowledge & support
  • High delivery performance
  • New solutions – also customer unique
  • Own unique brands
  • Trust & down-to-earth approach
  • Ergonomic solutions
  • Great environmental responsibility
  • Neatness & order

That creates:

  • Sustainable & simplified custruction
  • Trust & safety
  • Customer success

That’s why choosing U-nite Fasteners makes sense

Unite offers an industry-leading range of screw, bolts / nuts, blind rivets – as well as a range of additional attachment accessories and accessories – for steel builders, building sheet warehouses, ventilators and manufacturing industry. A screw may be one of the smallest components of the building, but it is not an insignificant detail. Choosing the right screw, bolt, expander or rivet is not only crucial for the building or construction to meet set quality standards and standards. It is also crucial for a smooth, ergonomic and economical assembly. Building plate warehouse and steel construction has been Unite’s home plan for over 30 years. With Unite as your strong fastening partner, you get product selection support, delivery service and quality in a class by itself.

It’s the final result that counts

Fasteners are one of the most important components in a construction project. Screws, nails and rivets can mean the difference between success and failure. Our knowledge makes the difference. Choosing U-nite means choosing security and added value. Not only do we expect more from our products when it comes to quality and product range, but we also offer valuable advice to people in our industry. We make it easier for you to choose from our wide range of products. Finding the right fastener to simplify the construction is an absolute condition for our customers’ profitability.

Quick and reliable deliveries

From our plant outside of Uddevalla, Sweden, we supply customers all over Scandinavia with fasteners. A large part of our products are also exported to other countries in Europe. You order, and we deliver. It’s fast, simple and efficient. Reliable and accurate deliveries are our most important objectives. If you need to discuss solutions and options, please contact our qualified and service-oriented staff, who understands what you need.

Quality assurance on all levels

Our quality and environmental work is continously improving. We have an integrated business system approved according to the standards ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Environmental responsibility

The environment is important to us, and by autumn 2000, we had already certified ourenvironmental management system according to ISO14001:1996 and during spring 2017, we had been recertified according to ISO 14001:2015. We are continually improving our environmental efforts to ensure minimal environmental impact. This was integrated in autumn 2003 into our business system.

Quality policy, Environmental policy – Business policy

Quality policy, Environmental policy > Business policy Because we have an integrated business system, we have developed our quality and environmental policies into a comprehensive business policy.

Development and manufacturing

Thanks to frequent contacts with the construction industry, we obtain valuable information directly from the users of our products. This is the basis of our development efforts, and our objective of making our customers even more satisfied. At our Uddevalla plant, we have a very efficient manufacturing process where we develop fasteners according to our customers’ requirements. The cost-efficient production also guarantees a very competitive price.

Add up all the advantages

Know-how, service, quick deliveries, hight quality and the right price. If you add up all the advantages, you will understand why choosing U-nite makes sense.