Quality policy, Environmental policy – Business policy

Quality policy, Environmental policy > Business policy Because we have an integrated business system, we have developed our quality and environmental policies into a comprehensive Business policy.

Business policy

By continually developing ourselves and our product range of fasteners, we will work to remain the obvious choice of business partner for our customers, with reliability and accuracy of delivery as our primary objectives. Our approach shall be down-to-earth and with our knowledge, we will contribute to our customer´s success.

We shall protect the enviroment and will use our efforts to restrict the environmental impact of our business to the greatest extent. We should reduce, or where possible, eliminate the pollution of the environment. Natural resources and raw materials should be recycled to the greatest extent possible. We shall inform suppliers about our environmental efforts, and influence them to take the same kind of environmental responsibility as we do.

U-nite´s ambition is to be a working environment friendly and safe company to work at and our objective is to clearly prioritize and continue to develop a good working environment together with our employees. This requires not only being aware of, and complying with, applicable working environment and environmental laws, but also being aware that legislation and governmental requirements are only there to reflect a minimum standard. We shall strive for a well-managed external environment and our company shall be characterized by “neatness & order” and a good emergency preparedness.

Every employee must take a personal responsibility for product quality, customer satisfaction, as well as health and environmental considerations in the daily work. It is everyone’s responsibility not only to follow instructions and routines, but also to be aware of and immediately report any defects. In the case of interruptions in the business, concerns regarding health, environment and customers shall be prioritized. We shall involve and train all employees to work in a proactive manner, and strive for continuous improvement.

Hogstorp, March 2016
Madeleine Andersson